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Leadership at Laidig

Customers of Laidig, can be assured of getting the highest quality product available, and getting a whole lot more than just steel. It's true that our reclaim systems are designed to last and are built with quality throughout, and the same thing can be said for our company in general.  We've developed a company infrastructure with a large team of highly-qualified and experienced people, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and world-class facilities.


Our company is built to last.  That isn't something that just happens overnight. We're not just a name that someone bought. What we are is a team - many with 30 to 40 years of experience at Laidig.  And, every one of us is fully dedicated to developing the very best reclaim systems possible.


Perhaps one of the most significant keys to our success at Laidig, is that we do it all “under one roof” – from initial concept to completion.  Starting with research and development, then moving to concept design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and final testing – Laidig has teams of dedicated people working in each of these areas. And that type of dedication doesn’t stop after your product leaves our facility.  Not at all.  Once the product is shipped, we have additional teams of people ready to provide on-site construction services, installation, start-up, training, and ongoing preventative maintenance. And not just domestically, but worldwide.


I am excited to be part of a company built on quality, integrity, and honesty. I think that's why we have so many repeat customers. They know we provide MORE THAN STEEL.

Wyn Laidig, President

Daniel Laidig, CEO


Meet the rest of the Laidig leadership team

Mike Schuster
Vice President Sales

Ken Kujawski
Vice President Construction & Service

Tom W. Lindenman
Vice President Engineering

Dan Collins
Vice President Manufacturing

Sandra Trimboli
Chief Financial Officer

Cory Hamel
Vice President General Counsel

Michael Lacognato
Vice President Marketing