Laidig Systems, Inc




Why Buy Laidig?

Laidig invites you to consider the following questions when researching a material storage and handling provider:

  • Am I dealing with the INDUSTRY LEADER?
    YES- As the recognized industry leader, Laidig partners with engineering firms, contractors, and design-build companies to provide customized solutions that are known to work.
  • Does the supplier have EXPERIENCE?
    YES - Laidig has supplied well over 15,000 systems worldwide in storing and handling a wide variety of dry bulk materials including soybean meal, DDGS, other meals, whole grains, cellulosic materials, wood residue, powders, and plastics.
  • What is the STABILITY of the company?
    Laidig has been in business for more than 50 years. Our recent expansions enable us to be even better equipped to serve our customers and meet the challenges of the future.
  • Are SERVICE PARTS in stock and accessible?
    YES - Laidig carries a comprehensive parts inventory to keep our customers operational on a timely basis.
  • Is TECHNICAL SUPPORT available?
    YES - Laidig has an experienced in-house engineering staff along with seasoned service personnel to solve customers' problems quickly and effectively.
  • Is the company COMMITTED to your success?
    YES - At Laidig our success is determined by the success of our customers. The value of a Laidig system involves much More Than Steel, and includes our genuine, long-term commitment to your success.

WHY do customers partner with Laidig?

  • To have a single-source, design-build provider for turnkey systems
  • To integrate with professional engineering, fabrication, coating, and construction services
  • To address safety concerns by reducing entry requirements
  • The need for customized solutions for unique applications
  • To eliminate interruptions in material delivery to process
  • The need for improved first-in-first out (FIFO) inventory control
  • The desire to reduce spontaneous combustion concerns
  • To reduce environmental dust or emissions
  • The desire for automatic reclaim to reduce labor costs
  • To eliminate the need for front-end loaders
  • To store and reclaim biomass to burn or co-fire for energy
  • The need for continuous, reliable delivery
  • The desire for rugged, long-life, dependable systems
  • The need to store hard-to-handle materials
  • The need for high-capacity systems
  • The value of our no-nonsense guarantee