Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




Laidig Engineered Control Package

Laidig will provide a complete customized control system for your application, including the main control panel as well as the Laidig Machine Interface™ (LMI), which contains the programming logic to intelligently and safely control the Laidig reclaim system.

Laidig’s LMI™ incorporates state-of-the-art PLC control systems and interface technology to dynamically control the reclaim system in variable loads environments.  The LMI™ provides fully automatic operation of the system, properly controlling the reclaimer rotation, reclaimer advance rate, and discharge rates, while also taking into account the dynamically-changing load conditions.  The LMI™ also provides manual controls for jogging and maintenance operations, and is located in close proximity to the reclaimer to allow visual and audio feedback to the operator during manual operations.

The LMI™ is designed to allow easy integration with the customer’s main control panel.  Full monitoring of all system functions is accessible on the customer’s network via ethernet.  The ethernet access also allows remote monitoring and programming, while data logging and trending are via the world wide web.

Visit the Literature section to download the LMI™ Control System brochure.