• Turnkey Systems

    Laidig has a comprehensive and knowledgeable team that is integrally involved in developing the entire “turnkey package."  Every step in the process from initial site design, shop drawings, fabrication, installation and through start-up - we're there for you.

  • Field Construction

    Laidig's guarantee: “If we design, build, and install your materials handling system, we guarantee it will work.

  • Laidig Reclaimer Solutions

    Laidig can develop a wide range of storage and reclaim systems tailored to a spectrum of application requirements. New designs incorporated with the very latest technology are constantly being introduced to the market.

  • Laidig Steel Services

    Laidig offers steel services, specializing in extra-heavy and extra-long steel structures. Services are provided all under one roof, including:  design, fabrication, blasting, powder coating, assembly and testing.

System Design

Laidig provides concept design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management - all under one roof.

Material Handling

Laidig is the leader in custom-engineered systems to store and reclaim materials with special handling requirements, especially those systems that require exceptionally rugged and extreme-duty reclaimers.

Material Storage

Laidig provides the best storage structure solutions customized to meet their reclaimer dynamic specifications, including:  bolted steel tanks, smoothwall steel tanks, monolithic concrete silos, domes, and large capacity corrugated bins.


Laidig is proud to be the leading provider of turnkey storage and reclaim systems in the World.  Laidig's custom-engineered material handling systems offer proven performance and reliability that is second to none.  Laidig is recognized throughout the industry for sophisticated, high-quality systems with special handling requirements, and is the leader in innovative, effective designs customized to store and reclaim materials. 

Located in Mishawaka, Indiana, Laidig has over 20,000 square feet of office space, and over 100,000 square feet of heavy manufacturing floor space that includes a state-of-the art blasting and powder coating facility, allowing for the finishing & powder coating of components up to 80-feet long and weighing as much as 30 tons. Executing all of the services at one location, allows for total seamless system integration from initial concept to project completion that includes design, engineering, manufacturing, and finishing.

“We continue to grow because we are dedicated to solving significant problems for our customers. We’ve been pioneers in this industry for over 50 years. That means we view difficulties as opportunities rather than obstacles. Our goal is simple. We’re committed to providing the highest-quality storage and reclaim systems and the very best customer service.”

                                                                                                         -           Wyn Laidig, Company President




More Than Steel

Laidig's success has been built  on a 50 year history of providing world class bulk storage and reclaim solutions and our commitment to lifetime service and support. A Laidig system is more than welded steel components, it's the product of our highly skilled and dedicated team members coupled with our industry leading guarantee... "If we design, and install your storage & reclaim system, we guarantee it will work."